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Week 2

Officially 14 days in quarantine today, but it really doesn't feel like it. There has been plenty of entertainment, especially on Zoom- the platform quite a lot of people are using for online school. I have witnessed my physics teacher's baby throw up on him live on camera, as well as way too many parents or siblings wander into the online lessons quite cluelessly (including mine). This morning my mum attempted a workout via Zoom as well, with the instructor getting into a heated argument with his neighbour halfway through. My parents have also been having daily (more like nightly) virtual cocktails with their friends. For some reason, they seem to know how to work all the various video calling apps better than I do.

My sister has also taken up full-time baking which I really have no objections towards, although too much food and the inability to go outside probably isn't the best combination. Meanwhile, my dog is possibly the happiest animal in existence despite being constantly thrust in front of computer screens to show various uncles, aunts and grandparents. I have successfully broken into the stack of books next to my bed, and have also found a new passion for hoovering...

So far, quarantine hasn't been that bad at all, and I am extremely grateful to be surrounded by a healthy family 24/7. My heart goes out to everyone suffering right now, who might have lost a loved one or to all those working around the clock to save lives and also ensure that there is enough food for everyone. We are all standing by you.

As some of you may have already noticed the pictures on each blog post are photos of various places around the world. Unfortunately, all over the world, our streets are deserted, museums and monuments empty and beautiful landscapes are out of our reach. Send in photos you have taken of some of your favourite places, whether it be your own home country or town, or a place you have visited. Hopefully, this will help us appreciate our beautiful world from afar, and be even more grateful once we can visit it in person again.

Now that quite a lot of us have been in quarantine for a while, I hope to hear some more stories about other people's experiences. Staying in contact and sharing with each other will really help us feel less alone during this time.


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