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Ups and Downs

The hardest part about this is probably the uncertainty. There is so much we still don't know about the virus and nobody can tell us how long we'll be in lockdown for. Right now everything feels a little apocalyptic and it can be easy to get caught in quite a negative mindset.

I've realized that reading the news too often just makes me really upset and pessimistic, so have stopped looking at it more than once a day. What I've found really helpful is structuring my day so that I don't waste hours lying in bed on my phone. If I assign specific tasks to certain times and also schedule video calls in with friends and family, I find it much easier to stay motivated. By talking with friends I've also come up with many more ways of entertaining myself; cardio dance workouts, puzzles and a lot of baking have been my favourites so far.

We have to remember that this will end and when this ends it will be the best of times. We won't take simple things like grabbing a coffee with friends for granted or even going to school. Sitting next to someone on the bus will feel really strange at first, but I for one really can't wait for normality again.

For now stay safe, stay indoors and stop for a minute to think of the hundreds of thousands of people who have been personally touched by this virus.

I hope that more people are eager to share their own experiences, and that we continue to stay connected.


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