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Sunny Days

This weekend was difficult. It felt a little bit like the sun was laughing at us, beating down on the empty streets. I guess all I wanted was to lie on the grass with my friends, staring straight up into the sky and probably damaging my eyes. I miss the throb of London. Before this there were days I wished that all the people would just go away; days when I was late and still everyone milled around, chatting and laughing and hugging and eating and all I wanted was a path through the bustle. Now, I wish everyone was back on the streets. I wish I could mill around, chatting or laughing or hugging or eating- I’d take any of them. But, I also know that I’m lucky. One day I will be able to chat and laugh and hug and eat with my friends again; for others that’s not a certainty.

However, the phrase ‘every cloud has a silver-lining’ does somewhat ring true. I’ve been able to do all the things I never found time for a few weeks ago. At the beginning of the year I told myself I’d read a book at least every fortnight, yet, as much as I wanted to, life caught up with me and I never really managed to stick to it. Over the past few weeks I’ve been able to tick-off all the titles I’ve wanted to read for months and I’ve had time to search through all the books owned by various people in my house. My sister’s started cooking and, although I always say I’ll cook, I’ve really just developed a passion for flicking through recipe books.

This is undoubtedly a cloud, but I hope people are managing to find their own ways of coping with the relentless headlines. Stay safe and well.

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