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Right now it is more important than ever to look out for the most vulnerable people in our communities. Attached below are some links to articles that give some ideas on how we can help each other through this crisis.

It is also crucial to think about our own wellbeing and mental health during this time. We have to find ways to stay connected to one another (hopefully what is being done through this blog) and to lift each other up. The situation we are currently facing isn't easy on anyone and we have to make sure that we are putting time aside for self-care and looking after our mental health just as much as our physical one. Another big issue for some could be loneliness, but fortunately in the world we live in today contacting others from afar is easier than ever. However, it is important to not spend too much time on our devices and manage to find other ways to entertain ourselves. Now is the time to take up a new hobby, read more books and spend time with your family.

The mental health foundation has some good tips of their own in the link below.

Stay safe

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