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Ode to Quarantine

Here's a short poem to brighten up your day and help us see quarantine in a positive way..

You've kept me inside, I can't see my mates,

My mum won't stop ordering endless food crates,

Toilet paper seems to be our new form of money,

Corona stop already, we're not finding this funny.

I made a quarantine bucket list which I intend to complete,

My memories of making vegan smoothies will be quite bittersweet,

I'm aiming to make my dog or my grandpa go viral,

I might take up meditation or else I really will spiral.

If I manage to do the splits, it'll make this even more apocalyptic,

From my short Duolingo career, Swedish seems pretty cryptic,

I might pick up an instrument much to my parents' disapproval,

My short career in drums just ended with their removal.

Most importantly, stay inside and listen to what to do,

This really isn't an easy thing for anyone to go through,

As long as we continue spreading joy and keep our spirits high,

This extended time indoors will hopefully fly by!


I thought I'd end this post with my favourite quarantine meme of the moment:

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